It’s the early 1980’s and Procter & Gamble assigns you as Brand Manager Pringles. The brand is well known but in decline. Management tells you to either turn it around or they will kill it.

The problem? The chip in a can has a novelty factor but when the novelty wears off it is just a potato chip that does not taste that great compared to other chips. Why? Research says there is not as much fat and salt on Pringles as competitive offerings. So you add more fat and finally tastes great.....and you then take the old chip and introduce it as Pringle’s Lite...with 1/3 less salt and fat.

The business starts growing. Now it is time to add flavors to Pringle’s Sour Cream N Onion. Wow...adding flavors makes the chip even more popular. Over the next 20 years Pringle’s becomes one of P&G’s largest international brands.

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