Boston Whaler

You love boats and why not join a boat company where you can have a free demo boat....slip...fuel...and you have to go fishing as part of your job. Nice.

Boston Whaler makes high end offshore fishing boats that won’t sink because of foam core construction. Expensive...but you can go 50 miles offshore to fish with no fear of sinking.

But you find the growth is slow...because the company does little marketing...relying on their dealer network and word of mouth. So step one is to use consumer package goods marketing thinking to drive interest in the brand.

Idea: purchase the mailing lists (this is before the Internet!) of everyone who subscribes to every boating magazine. Send them a very high end mailing that includes a “key” in the mailing...tell them to take it to a Boston Whaler dealer....if the key fits the boat on’s theirs FREE. 

Result: unbelievable dealer traffic....record sales...and shipments of boats. Happy dealers. Happy new Whaler owners. You do more of the same and the company spurts in growth from about $35 million to over $60 million during the two years you are there.

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